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Case History
Molino Piantoni - Soft wheat milling plant
Case History


Molino Piantoni has entrusted Golfetto Sangati with the task of setting up its new grinding section

The Italian market for cereal processing systems is showing modest signs of recovery after years of standstill due to the global economic situation that put a hold on investments; as elsewhere, only top companies have continued to operate and are now starting to invest once again to consolidate and make their systems more productive.

This is true in the case of Molino Piantoni, an Italian family-run milling business that has continued to focus on quality and tradition since 1850. The company is proud of its roots and strongly committed to internationalization. It serves around 2,500 customers in Italy and abroad, from small bakeries to pizzerias, artisan confectioners and industrial producers of fresh pasta and baked products, with specific products to cater for different needs.

This company in Chiari (Brescia, Northern Italy), is now in its fifth generation. It is specialized in the production of soft-wheat flours and has decided to make investments to completely renovate the sections for milling and transportation of the finished products to the flour silos.

For this delicate and important process, the Piantoni family has once again turned to Golfetto Sangati, a leading producer of milling systems. The financial solidity guaranteed by its recent entry into the Pavan Group, the skills of the technical department for the design and manufacturing of systems that are specifically geared to the customers’ requirements, and the ability to create “turnkey” systems or specific sections, gave Golfetto Sangati the opportunity to renew the heart of the milling plant in a very short time set and with an increase in the production capacity.

The entire process involved major renovation works, such as fitting a new roof and flooring, especially in the rollermill room. In addition to the 8 existing Synthesis rollermills, 3 more rollermills with 4 1000m rollers and one rollermill with 8 1250mm rollers have been installed, all from the Synthesis range and with a roller diameter of 300mm. All the milled products are now transported by means of the new pneumatic system to the top floor of the building, where they are sieved in the two new modular plansichter respectively with 10 and 6 channels. They reach together a total sieving surface of around 200 sqm.

These plansichters are distinguished by their extremely precise selection process, high output and long-term reliability.  On the lower level, the bran is treated by 4 new horizontal GSO-type bran finishers, which separate any floury endosperm that is still attached to the bran during milling, so maximizing the flour output. It then undergoes a further process to purify the semolina: by means of the three Semolina HP purifiers, the semolina obtained during the milling process is cleaned and classified, so assuring a lower content of ashes and a higher quality. These machines are exceptionally easy to use and reliable, and are further optimized by the Flyback patent: exclusive to Golfetto Sangati, it allows all the sieves to be used, even in the second and third row. All sieves are made in an extruded aluminum alloy 6060.

All the flour is collected in special self-cleaning chain conveyor made in stainless steel; it conveys flour to a control system consisting of 12-sieve plansichter machines.

After the security check, the flour is then weighed on Pond-type scales and sent to the silos for storage and blending. The entire conveying system is made with stainless steel tubing to ensure maximum levels of safety and hygiene, and gives Piantoni a further guarantee that the quality standards will be met.

“Our target is to continue to carry out our own identity, tradition and values through innovation and improvement”, explains Michelangelo Piantoni, Director of Molino Piantoni. “In addition to the rigorous selection of our raw materials, to guarantee that our name continues to be associated with products of a very high quality our mill must be equipped with the very latest technology. It must be safe and reliable, and be engineered with the highest accuracy and expertise. This is the reason why we have decided to renew our confidence in Golfetto Sangati by entrusting this company with the development and creation of this project”.

For Golfetto Sangati this installation was a particularly important and rewarding challenge: this project was paramount for the perpetuation of the family tradition that has distinguished the Piantoni brand for one and a half centuries. Golfetto Sangati has thus used its finest resources to guarantee the best possible result for this project and the full satisfaction of its customer.

Case history: Molino Piantoni, Italy, 200 tons/day soft wheat mill by Golfetto Sangati