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Case History
Automatic line for Cannelloni and Lasagna - Costa Rica
Case history


Founded in 1961, Roma Prince S.A. (Alajuela, Costa Rica) had a rapid and solid growth based on the mission to elaborate the best 100% semolina pasta in the country.

The great acceptance and demand of “Pastas Roma” made necessary to change and modernize the manufacturing equipment. Hence, in 1987, they decided to buy a Pavan line equipped with the innovative TAS dryer, so becoming the most advanced pasta manufacturer in Central America and the Caribbean.

Roma prince continued investing in Pavan technology: to date the production site in Alajuela is equipped with 5 automatic Pavan lines for dry pasta manufacturing, allowing to put on the market a complete range of products (long-cut and short-cut pasta, lasagna, cannelloni and nest shaped pasta).


The video below reports the line for the production of Lasagna.

Installed in late 2014, this automatic line is completed by a customized system for lasagna handling and packaging. With this last implementation Roma Prince have become one of the best manufacturers of this product in the world.



The video below reports the line for the production of Cannelloni.

The line is equipped with special rectangular head and cutting system that allows to keep the same length of each piece even though the tubes have a different extrusion speed.