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Case History
Gluten-free pasta line - Italy
Long cut pasta line


A new line for long-cut dry pasta has recently been installed at a primary Italian manufacturer, representing the state of the art for processing gluten-free pasta by using non pre-cooked flour.

Pavan Group designed, manufactured and installed the entire line, from the flour storage and handling system (by Golfetto Sangati) up to the Stiavelli packaging line.

The core of this system is composed of a special PHP press with integrated pre-gelatinization tank, so that the processing of gluten-free pasta does not require the use of precooked flour.
The TAS dryer guarantees that the drying process, crucial for this special kind of pasta, is carried out in the most gentle and effective way. These two features, peculiar to the Pavan technology, ensure the preservation of the organoleptic properties of the cereals (mainly brown rice and/or corn) and provide a tasty, high quality pasta.

In order to increase the production capacity, the customer invested on a second Pavan line for the production of gluten-free short-cut pasta, now under installation. The automation system of these two lines will allow for complete and constant supervision and control of the entire process via computer or mobile device.