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Case History
Instant-noodles line – Europe, 1000 Kg/h
Case history


Installed in the hearth of Europe, this line has been specifically designed and engineered by Pavan for manufacture of instant noodles.

This precooked noodle blocks, originating in Japan and very popular in the Asian Countries, are today very appreciated all over the world as extremely fast and easy to prepare.

The industrial manufacturing process requires a very specific procedure: the mixture, with low moisture content, is transferred on a resting belt to improve organoleptic properties. Then it is laminated by several passages through pairs of rolls, so that thickness is gradually reduced to obtain the required sheet. After lamination the product is longitudinally cut and transferred to a steamer for pre-cooking.
Subsequently noodles take the final square shape and are loaded on trays to be gently dried without compromising the regular shape of each block and maintaining the organoleptic properties of this special food.