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About - Montoni


Montoni, part of the Pavan Group, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of extrusion dies and accessory equipment such as die washers and cutters. Founded in 1924, the company has been serving the major food labels in Italy and abroad for the last 76 years. The company facilities are located in Pistoia, Italy. Customer service is guaranteed by a wide network of agents and offices all over the world.

Tailor Made Services

Montoni is the only company in its field which not only employs experts in die extrusion, but also in drying technology and packaging. In the case of new product development, Montoni is able to supply samples of any new shapes dried and packaged ready for test marketing. Customers can also count on Montoni’s training programs, both on site and at our main headquarters in Italy.

From Scientific Research to Product Development

Montoni is involved in a series of research projects in cooperation with pasta producers, equipment manufacturers and Universities for the development of new die extrusion systems. A new testing facility has recently been built and is equipped with pilot size extrusion systems for the development of original pasta shapes. These facilities, together with Montoni’s qualified personnel are available for hire to carry out your specific product development projects.

Quality Comes First

Montoni is the major supplier to many of the world's largest pasta companies. Flexibility, expertise, and the strict adherence to quality standards are the keys to Montoni’s success. Although the extrusion die represents a small part of the overall cost of a line, its influence on the finished product quality is crucial. For this specific reason, Montoni has always rejected inexpensive construction solutions, which initially can show some cost savings, but invariably are often the cause of "out of standard" products and consequent loss of sales.

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