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Long cut pasta line


Cutting-Edge Technology

Continuous innovation is a business driver for many companies; however, only an effective adoption of thorough procedures can turn it into a success factor, thus allowing targets achievement and an actual advantage against competitors. This vision brought us to develop cutting-edge technologies that are and will always be Pavan Group trademark.

Pavan new MULTIDRIVE technology allows making long cut pasta of unrivalled quality while granting energy savings and reduced overall footprint.
These results are achieved through a number of innovative features allowing improved accuracy on working parameters all over the line, offering best performances in the pre-drying and drying process. The so obtained product is excellent in stability, structural strengh and cooking quality.



Long cut pasta line

MULTIDRIVE technology is based on a continuous control of thermo hygrometric conditions, by the application of very high gradients of temperature increase and decrease rates, an optimized exhaust air extraction and a Multiple Pulse Ventilation system. The result is an evolution of the well-known Pavan Thermo Active System technology.