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Iran Food Bev Tec 2017: Thanks for having visited us
The fair in the spirit of meeting


The 24th edition of Food Bev Tec happened last week in Tehran, Iran. An exhibition that has counted on the presence of more than 40,000 visitors from all over Iran and neighboring markets, with more than 500 exhibitors coming from 27 countries.

Hosted by the splendid showcase that Tehran can offer, Food Bev Tec 2017 has been the meeting point for the world of food machinery and processing for 4 days.

As in any fair, the pleasure of "meeting" is the main purpose that offers the chance to look back at the past successful achievements and to look forward to creating new prosperous business. For Iran Food Bev Tec 2017, the term "meeting" has an even deeper value that goes beyond the commercial relationship, strengthening interpersonal relations.

Food Bev Tec 2017 has been the meeting point for two markets that, day after day, improve relationships between needs and offers: the western one (present in forces with the Italian, German, Dutch, Danish and French pavilions) and the eastern one present of course with Iranian but also with Chinese and Indian companies.

It was also time for a meeting between Pavan Group and their customers or prospects. A meeting opportunity that has shown to everyone the results and the satisfaction of the work done so far, shown in particular by Mr. Sadaf Talaee’s welcome tribute expressed by an astonishing flower homage. The promising meetings aimed at future cooperation has been demonstrated by the great turnout at our booth.

It has also been a meeting point for the Pavan Group sales force. By counting on two Iranian agents (DPSI.CO for Golfetto Sangati and Hydrotech for Pavan, Stiavelli and Montoni), the Group reinforce its worldwide capillary presence, in Iran too.

See you next year.