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Food Tech Master - Maintenance Management
17th - 19th JULY 2017 - Pavan Headquarters


Last week the Pavan Conference Centre hosted a special edition of the Food Tech Master focused on the maintenance management: students from Italy and Russia had the chance to improve their knowledge on techniques and methods to turn the proper maintenance management into a strategic asset.

Both theoretical lessons and practical activities were combined. The first part of the course was held by Ing. Luca Girelli, expert consultant in the field of predictive maintenance techniques, and Ing. Luis Felipe Sexto, relevant specialist in the subject of maintenance methods applied to the complete company organization. During the second part of the course, students had the opportunity to see with their own eyes how it works a manufacturing plant that already adopted the “total maintenance management system”. They visited two pasta manufacturing units, Farmo and CLC Newlat: concrete and practical examples of the benefits deriving from the application of a structured strategy on maintenance.

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