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Case History
Three-dimensional pellet line - Italy
Case history


The three-dimensional snacks are having a remarkable success all over the world in reason of the attractive shape and the high crunchiness.

Industrial processing of 3D pellet requires massive research, adequate technology and solid expertise. That’s why Pavan is enjoying a notable success in this kind of installations: the utilization of proven technology derives from an accurate experimentation in the Italian R&D centre, that provides precise indications to the technical department in charge of defining the complete project.  Thereby, each project developed and finalized by Pavan is the result of decades of experience in the pellet snacks field, constantly updated and always extremely innovative.

This video shows the recent installation at Valin ( 
First of all the flours (potato and cereals) are blended and loaded into the mixing tank, where they are properly hydrated in order to obtain the dough. The subsequent extrusion represents one of the most important stages of the process: the specific design of the screws, the precise extrusion time, the accurate set of temperature and pressure are the result of a detailed study and accurate testing, finalized to obtain the optimal gelatinization of the dough.
Then, the dough is extruded into two thin sheets that will be conditioned and coupled in order to obtain the three-dimensional shape.
Afterwards, the product is dried and cooled so that, out of the line, it will be absolutely stable and homogeneously.

Accurate extrusion and gentle drying are the decisive steps to assure the required expansion rate and the preserve of the organoleptic properties of the ingredients.