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Gulfood Manufacturing 2015

The vibrant food industry of Middle East Countries and all the visitors coming from many other Markets allowed Dubai's exhibition to confirm its role of primary hub for food processing technology. Thanks to all visitors of Pavan Group's stand at Gulfood Manufacturing 2015!
FoodTec India 2015

FoodTec 2015: the most important technology platform for food and drink industry in the booming Indian market.

An article recently published by the New York Times says: “As rivals falter, India’s economy is surging ahead”. As a matter of fact, the growth in India’s economy just matched China’s pace in recent months. The Indian government is in a good course to increase the country’s investment and growth in a sustainable way. Its plans include, among other things, expanding infrastructure to reduce business costs; creating a true national market by replacing state taxes with a national tax; and reducing the red tape to facilitate doing business. Prime minister Narendra Modi is calling universities, institutions and industry to cooperate in the generation of higher value added in the country’s production. In this scenario, the food industry is one of the most significant drivers for the national economy of the country, both for internal consumption and export.

Pavan Group is contributing to this growth by the introduction of specific solutions for the Indian Market. Welcoming the food industry players at FoodTec India (Sept. 12-14 - Hall 12/A, Stand B-01), the Italian Group, leader in technology and automatic lines for pasta and snack pellets, is focusing on the Indian market both with traditional food processing solutions and by industrializing typical Indian staple food. Two projects now being completed validate this approach. The latest development of an automated line for the production of 750 kg/h of Panipuri - Golgappa can take to India a high quality product with unprecedented expansion rate, so that the fried product can assure the highest standards in terms of crunchiness and taste. Furthermore, Pavan is going to set up the biggest long cut pasta line ever installed in India. Mixing and drying solutions represent the state of the art of technology, so assuring quality and profitability to this growing market.

With the expectation that this coming edition will exceed the good results of last year’s edition at Mumbai, the next appointment with the industry is at Delhi, to discuss on the new developments and showcase the future of the food and drink industry in India.

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FoodTechMaster - 2015 Edition

The FOODTECHMASTER is a series of professional training courses organized by Pavan with the aim of sharing knowledge and expertise on food production technology. The next edition will take place in October 2015 and will focus on Dry Pasta production. The seminars will be held by Professors of the academic community and Process Engineers of Pavan Dry Pasta Division. Topics will cover the entire pasta production process, from theoretical aspects to extremely practical issues as trials in a pilot plant and panel tests for sensory evaluation.


Visit the official website and have a look about the programm of the course


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Pavan Group at IPACK-IMA 2015

PAVAN GROUP will exhibit at IPACK-IMA 2015 with new pieces of equipment for each step of the production chain. This is a result that comes from the strengthening and the improvement of Pavan products in their core and fine details which lead to the realisation of new cutting-edge production units.


The Spiral can be used for all thermal treatment processes of filled pasta, from -40°C to 100°C: pasteurization, drying, cooling and deep-freezing.


The Rotary drier works with a wide range of up to over 130°C, with a wide a free surface that maximizes air flow. The same rotor can treat pellets, pasta, cous cous.


The new rolling mill SYNTHESIS with two rolls, for manufacturing plants with particular structural and layout requirements. This solution focuses on accomplishing the highest degrees of sanitisation which has become, in our sector, the benchmark for all rolling mills manufacturers around the world.


The separator of pre-cleaning and cleaning GRANOSICHTER is composed of a central oscillating body with a net sieving area of 24 square meters. Inside, a set of frames ensures an excellent cleaning and separation from impurities.


The degerminator MDS 28/100, with a capacity of 5 tons/h corn, allows the complete degermination and stripping in a single step. The rotor particular shape and abrasive skirt makes it possible to obtain a perfectly degerminated maize grit.


The steaming vessel can be used both for as a cooker for production of gluten free pasta from uncooked raw materials and for steaming any mixture of flours. The production capacity is of 500/600 Kg/h: This machine can be either standalone or integrated with other machines (extruders, presses etc…).


New items will be introduced for the packaging of long-cut pasta and short-cut pasta. Visitors will have the chance to see the packaging system for long-cut pasta SO-EVO is equipped with a brand new double weigher with adjustable channels and with a packaging machine featuring the latest version of the “stripping” type sealing jaws. As to short-cut pasta packaging, a system will be shown including a multi-head weigher SPC20 and the new packaging machine SVLM, which can guarantee a high speed for both pillow bags and flat bottom bags.


In the Pavan booth the fresh pasta sector will be showing a set of machines composed of a kneader-sheeter and a high-speed filling forming machine processing a 630 mm wide dough sheet manufacturing 54x54 mm ravioli.
Pavan Group at MAFEX 2014

The Pavan Group will participate at the third edition of MAFEX, from 11th to 13th december 2014 in Casablanca (Morocco)
Don’t miss to visit us at stand on the Main Alley Way to meet our salesmen and evaluate the best-fitting solutions for your business
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Pavan: Mr. Enrico Zaniolo,
Golfetto Sangati: Mr. Roberto Prinzivalli,
Stiavelli (packaging division), Mr. Hamid Delladj,
IOAM Middle East & Africa 2014

Golfetto Sangati will participate with the South African agent ROFF to the Mideast & Africa District Conference & Expo in Cape Town, South Africa, 3 to 6 December.
Don’t miss to visit us at stand nr. A10-13 to see the machinery on display and discover the latest evolutions by Golfetto Sangati in milling technology.
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IAOM Latin America District conference

Pavan Group will participate to the IAOM Latin America District conference preceding the opening of the ALIM Congress at the Hilton Hotel in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, November 7 & 8, 2014.
On Saturday, November, 8 at 12.15 pm Mr. Mario Duchi (Golfetto Sangati, area manager) will hold a conference titled “Corn at 360°” focusing on technical aspects from milling operations to pasta production.
Don’t miss to visit ALIM November, 9-12 - stand nr. 15-16 and discover the latest evolutions of milling technology by Golfetto Sangati, Pavan Group.
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Grain Africa

Pavan Group will hold a conference at AFRICA GRAIN, PULSES AND TECHNOLOGIES CONGRESS & EXPO that will take place between the dates of 29-30-31 October 2014 at African Union Conference Hall in Addis Ababa – ETHIOPIA. Dr. E. Mola will take part to the exhibition conference section with a report entitled “Dough Kneading and Shaping in The Pasta Production and The Technologies Used in Those Processes”
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Gulfood Manufacturing Exhibition

Pavan Group will attend Gulfood Manufacturing Exhibition, November 9-11, 2014 at Dubai World Trade Centre (UAE). Visit us at booth nr. F1 - 54. We will show the latest innovation of technology in food processing industry.
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Pavan Group - Eastafripack 2014

Pavan Group was very satisfied with their participation in the first edition of East Afripack at Nairobi’s Kenyatta center – Kenya from Sep 9th to 12th, 2014.
Pavan’s stand received a significant number of visitors not only from Kenya but also from the entire EAC area. An enormous and concrete interest was shown for our milling technologies, as well as for pasta and breakfast cereals manufacturing equipment.
The speech on “Food processing & Pakaging: innovation for a sustainable development” held by Dr. E. Mola during the conference on Sep. 11th was greatly appreciated by local authorities.
Cereales El Rey - Inauguration of the new plant

Cutting-edge technology by Pavan Group for the brand first corn flakes production plant started in San Pedro de Macoris, named Cereales El Rey, part of Cesar Iglesias S.A., one of the largest food producer groups in Dominican Republic. The plant produces all different types of cereals and boasts maximum production efficiency on account of Pavan latest technological specific innovation on corn flakes tempering.
The Pavan exclusive pre-treatment process that steams the humidified product within the mixing tank before it passes through the extruder significantly reduces the cooking phase during extrusion subject to heavy mechanical stress, thus improving the colour, taste and resistance of the corn flakes when immersed in milk and maximizing the quality of the extruded product.
This new and exclusive process by Pavan consists in subjecting the product to a second heat treatment process for about one hour after extrusion, under relatively high temperature and humidity conditions. This innovation has a direct impact on the finished products which are even closer to those of corn flakes obtained with the batch cooking process.
Technology to feed a growing world - 2013 Annual Report

The Annual Report describes the process of economic, social and environmental reporting that Pavan has adopted in recent years. Its publication stems from management’s desire
to make the company’s activity transparent, by analysing not only the economic aspects, but also the social and environmental consequences. All this is part of a corporate philosophy oriented towards sustainability and the
integrated type of management system adopted: quality, safety, environment and social responsibility. This sixth edition contains data and information relating to the entire Pavan Group* updated to December 2013.
Kenya - Nairobi - EASTAFRIPACK exhibition

Pavan Group will be welcoming visitors at Booth nr. A16-B13 September 9-12, 2014 at Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) Nairobi, Kenya, showing the latest evolutions of Pavan Group on food production technology.
On September 10, at 10.30 Pavan Group will participate to the exhibition opening conference with a report entitled “Technological innovation trends and sustainable development in cereal technology”.
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Technological excellence for gluten-free pasta production at GLUTÉNMENTES ÉLELMISZEREK

The conference “GLUTÉNMENTES ÉLELMISZEREK- VÁLASZ A BIOLÓGIA KIHÍVÁSÁRA 1 napos szakmai” was held on June 4th, 2014 in Debrecen, Hungary, focusing on the celiac disease and food intolerances, whose increasing popularity has led to a strong market demand for “alternative” food products characterized
by the total absence of gluten. The event raised a great interest in the audience. Mr. L. Mondardini, Pavan Group R&D Director, presented a report on “Technological challenges in the production of gluten-free pasta" illustrating technologies developed by Pavan Group for the production of gluten-free pasta.
Pavan Group technological excellence in this sector has recently been confirmed with the finalization of the purchase by an important customer from Eastern Europe area. The project concerns the mutual development, supply and installation of a state-of-the-art high capacity line for the production of gluten-free pasta.
Pavan present new high-capacity heat treatment lines for fresh filled pasta products.

Product care and cost attentiveness: Pavan present new high-capacity (2,400kg/h) heat treatment lines for fresh filled pasta products.

In response to several requests for heat treatment equipment that ensures optimal product care and efficient pasteurization, the Pavan Group have developed and manufactured new high-efficiency and high-capacity production lines.

Their new heat treatment system has an output capacity of 2,400 kg per hour (this figure applies to 27-g double-sheet ravioli). It has been designed so as to rule out rheological alterations to the product during the processing of thin-sheet pasta with a soft (approx. 60%) filling.

The quality of the production process is enhanced by the highly competitive levels of energy efficiency of the equipment.

A 50% reduction in steam consumption is achieved thanks to the following features: design of the pasteurization chamber; a flow meter which regulates steam flow (this allows for optimal steam use according to the type and quantity of product); radiant plates
with closed steam circuit; extractor hoods with heat-insulating and metal-detectable curtains. In the pre-dryer and in the newly-designed cooler (characterized by a separation between machinery and end product compartments), a lapping ventilation system is used: thanks to the significantly higher air speed, this system makes it possible to maximise the effect on the end product. The sealing and fastening of doors have also been redesigned so as to improve thermal insulation.

Since all the machinery of the new HE line has been designed for easy inspection and sanitation, the personnel costs resulting from the need to maintain and clean the equipment have been substantially reduced.

For easier access and inside cleaning, the conveyor belt of the pasteurizer can be lifted automatically together with the lid. Stainless steel valves, washable and foam-proof engines and sensors are additional features that allow for a thorough, efficient, and fast cleaning of all the internal components. From a methodological point of view, the focus of Pavan's approach is on
identifying and ensuring the best industrial solution in order to maximise investment returns. Once the desired characteristics of the end product (i.e. recipes, fillings, shelf life, etc.) have been specified in the initial (technical and technological) phase of the project, one can move on to the next stage which consists in deciding which components to include. Finally, there is a costing phase: it takes the form of a specific business plan during which energy consumption, costs, and investment returns are estimated.

Each order is assigned to a specific project manager who supervises and coordinates the various implementation stages so as to make sure that the project is in line with the agreed specifications and on schedule. After delivery and installation, there is a start-up phase which involves a rigorous training of operators as well as round-the-clock after-sales support (including remote online guidance).

Thanks to technical features, technological innovation, and a consolidated methodology, Pavan can offer their customers the best returns on their machinery investment.
The packing machine SVMC-S with weigher SPC14-S

System for high-speed packaging for snacks, consisting of Weigher SPC14-S and continuous packaging machine SVMC-S. Speed of 140-150 pillow packs per minute of 50-60 g. (based on the volume of the product).
The management of the electronic weighing machine (SPC14-S)
is completely separate from that of the packaging and it is digital, the control operator panel can be integrated with that one of the packaging. The continuous packaging machine (SVMC-S), whose main movements are governed by independent brushless motors,
effects the towing of the film through a system connected to a vacuum pump, is equipped with a special double gripper and is managed by Siemens PLC. The packaging group is equipped with a "remote” supervision system for remote diagnostics.
Djazagro – The crossroads of food industries – April, 21-24 2014 Safe Exhibition Park Algiers

Pavan Group will be welcoming visitors at Hall 2 – Stand E72 inside Italian Pavilion.
Visit us! We will be delighted to meet you and answer all your queries on our lines, machinery and latest company news.
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Synchrobox BB, the most recent development by Dizma, is a continuous flow-pack machine for variable-sized packages.

The Dizma trademark, on the market for over 40 years, operates alongside Stiavelli in the Packaging Division of the Pavan Group. Focused on the horizontal flow packaging of food and non-food products, Dizma offers a range of packaging machines, complete automatic end-of-line solutions, feeding, weighing and dosing systems, modified atmosphere packaging lines, weight controls and metal detectors.

After a careful process of rationalization, Dizma is now fully integrated within the Uzzano (PT) production unit dedicated to packaging systems. From design through to construction, the entire process now answers to the Group’s Tuscan headquarters, guaranteeing maximum sharing of the know-how and a strong sense of synergy throughout all the production stages.

The most recent development of the Dizma trademark comes as the new Synchrobox BB. This electronic, continuous cycle packaging machine has been designed for the horizontal packaging of all solid products in heat sealing film, even when the products are not of uniform size or arrive on the in feed conveyor in an irregular manner.

Thanks to its automatic variable
a synchronization feature, the Dizma A.P.A. System (Automatic Pitch Adjustment), the Synchrobox BB, can package products of various sizes in a continuous cycle: the infeed conveyor, controlled by a brushless motor, is automatically kept in synch with the cutting unit by two barrier photocells which continuously read the position and length of the product. The cutting pitch and the distance between the products is controlled by the packaging machine’s PLC, based on the present program, with a production capacity which can reach up to 100 cycles/minute.

Synchrobox BB is fitted with a towing unit and a longitudinal heat sealing pad controlled by a brushless motor and made up of 4 pairs of sealing and film tow wheels with a pneumatic wheel opening system and micrometric tilt adjustment. Power is driven to the sealers by a very low resistance rings/brushes unit.

Transversal sealing on the other hand is managed by the “Box Motion” unit with pneumatic closure or brushless drive. The translation movement is provided by a brushless motor and a precision toothed belt. Pack cutting and sealing precision is guaranteed by the blade incorporated in the sealers, the armored heating elements and the thermocouple probe.
With these devices Synchrobox can also be used for MAP applications with air-tight seal. To keep the lateral centering of the film constant from beginning to end, Synchrobox BB is fitted with an overhanging reel holder installed under the infeed conveyor, complete with radial expansion shaft, automatic film unwinding system and pneumatically controlled automatic progressive brake. Machine downtimes require for film changeover operations are kept to a minimum by the control system and end of reel warning signal.

All the machine functions are commanded and controlled by the PLC and OMRON NJ axes control: as well as offering the possibility of control with robotic and SQL Client functions, the controller is designed for teleassistance and is compatible with the most common supervision systems.

Machine management is controlled via an 8” touch screen; as well as the start-stop commands, it displays alarm conditions and manages the operating programs in a simple and intuitive manner, it manages the operating speed, sealer unit temperature, package length (fixed or variable) product synchronization and all the packaging machine’s operating parameters.
Cribis Dun & Brandstreet assigns the highest level of commercial reliability to the Pavan Group
Cribis Dun & Brandstreet, a world leader in the credit information systems and business information sector, assigns a rating of 1 to Pavan for reliability in trade relations.

This prize, awarded to less than 6% of the companies analyzed, is the synthetic indicator of the size and the riskiness of a company.
It is awarded on the basis of analysis of payment transactions, cash flows, payment trends and in general the financial soundness of the company.

Even in market comparison Pavan is an exception: the average rating for this sector, based on the analysis of about 1600 companies, is valued at level 3,
while in the recent observation period (24 months), the value for Pavan has remained stable at level 1.

This recognition further represents the reliability of the Pavan Group, increasing the confidence of suppliers, customers and stakeholders in establishing or strengthening mutually profitable and lasting relationships.
INTERPACK process and packaging leading trade fair, Dusseldorf, Germany , 8th to 14th May 2014
Pavan Group will be welcoming visitors at Booth nr. 3/E21, showing the latest evolutions of Pavan Group technology such as the Cooker/Extruder for snack

G160, the innovative Horizontal Flow Packaging Unit Synchrobox BB Dizma and the Multihead weighers and continuous vertical packaging system SPC14-SVMC Stiavelli.
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Mechatronics Award 2013: Pavan Group among the finalists

The Pavan Group, represented by Luciano Morellato, was among the 5 finalists of the Italian Mechatronic Award 2013. This award was conferred within the seminary "The factory of the future and the internet of things - the innovative frontiers of mechatronic

technology", which took place at the end of November in the Conference Hall of the new Technopole in Reggio Emilia. This award is at its seventh edition and focuses on promoting the technological mechatronic culture in the various sectors

of the domestic industry, with the aim of highlighting the Italian companies who used mechatronic solutions to develop innovative products thus obtaining a higher competitiveness in the international markets.
Golfetto Sangati exports technology to the U.S. market

ITALGRANI USA, a leading miller of durum wheat in North America headquartered in the center of America's heartland, St. Louis, MO, renews its state-of-the-art technology by the acquisition of a brand-new line of Rollermills Synthesis by Golfetto Sangati.

With a production capacity of 1,000 T/24h, the milling plant Italgrani Usa in St. Louis is one of the largest durum wheat mills in North America. Built in 1987, and in the following decades it has been periodically renovated in order to maintain its efficiency consistent with maximum levels.

In order to meet the needs of a constantly growing market, ITALGRANI USA has decided to increase its production capacity of durum wheat intended for the entire U.S. market by relying on technology capable of meeting the most stringent health requirements and to allow the maximum accuracy control in the milling process.
In addition to the robustness and construction quality of the machines used, the simplicity and speed of maintenance operations represent a key element ensuring continuous and efficient production for Italgrani. With these objectives, Italgrani has selected Golfetto Sangati (Pavan Group) as an industrial partner for the construction of a grinding mill consisting of 22 Rollermills Synthesis controlled by the newest generation of Siemens touch screen interfaces.

Designed and built in the Italian facilities of Quinto di Treviso, the Synthesis SY Rollermills have a robust structure with cast iron base to ensure machine stability and lower vibration and structural carbon steel beams that connect the two bases, whereas all the parts that come into contact with the product are made of extruded anodized aluminium.

The machines are provided with an internal double wall with cavity for condensation prevention and acoustic insulation; the internal structure is made of electrically welded stainless steel.
The grinding rolls, internally produced at the Italian plant of Golfetto Sangati, are made from centrifugal cast iron with very hard surface; the machines installed at Italgrani are equipped with 1000 or 1250 mm rolls, depending on the milling capacity required; a single belt connects the fast front roll to the slow rear roll by means of a tightening pulley mounted on an eccentric system, ensuring reliability and rapid maintenance.

Golfetto Sangati has been the first to introduce the belt transmission, and continued improving this technology in order to assure the most reliable equipment on the market nowadays.

This new system, currently being installed, almost completely replaces the existing rolling mills and allows production of more than 1,000 T/24h, placing Italgrani at the top for efficiency, production capacity and quality of the finished product and confirming as one of the leading flour suppliers in the North American food industry.
Introducing Onboard - The new app developed by Pavan Group

ONBOARD is the first app designed for food technologists and line operators in dry pasta, fresh pasta and snack pellets manufacturing plants.

The app has two main sections:

1. Mass Balance: this function provides useful tools to calculate dough recipes and drying parameters.

- Single-ingredient recipes (one dry ingredient and water, typically used in dry pasta production)
- Multi-ingredients recipes (typically used in fresh pasta production), with the possibility of inserting up to 8 different ingredients and calculating the absolute and relative quantity of each ingredient as well as the quantity of water necessary to obtain a given moisture of the final dough.

2. Mollier Charts: this function provides data relating to the saturated steam diagram, with the possibility of selecting either temperature or humidity as a starting point.
The calculations and results can be sent via e-mail to share the information and recipes with co-workers.

The app also gives the chance to explore the Pavan world: watching video clips of plants in operation and discovering the activities of the Pavan’s Food Master, a series of seminars in food technology to provide specific training for managers and skilled staff involved in the production of dry pasta, fresh pasta and snack pellets.
Technology to feed a growing world - 2012 Annual Report

The Annual Report describes the process of economic, social and environmental reporting that Pavan has adopted in recent years. Its publication stems from management’s desire
to make the company’s activity transparent, by analysing not only the economic aspects, but also the social and environmental consequences. All this is part of a corporate philosophy oriented towards sustainability and the
integrated type of management system adopted: quality, safety, environment and social responsibility. This sixth edition contains data and information relating to the entire Pavan Group* updated to December 2012.
A strategy based on three key factors and results growing by 15%

The Pavan Group from Galliera Veneta (processing and packaging systems for the food industry) ends the 2012 financial year with a growing turnover and EBITDA (+11% to 136 million euro and +16% to 22 million euro, respectively) generating a net profit that for the first time exceeds 10 million euro. “Pavan has a natural vocation for export”, says Managing Director Andrea Cavagnis, “because in the food industry the markets with highest growth rates are those where the demographic trend is positive. Reaching 75% of our turnover on non-EU markets brought us over the past 5 years to grow by more than 50%, despite the global crisis ".
To support this international presence Pavan’s Managing Director plans to keep pursuing a balanced internal growth and consider further acquisitions, always using self-financing to carry out his plans, without exposing the Group to financial uncertainties that especially in these years continue to offer few guarantees for success.
“The strategy we intend to implement in the coming years" continues Cavagnis, “is based on three basic factors: focus on costs, customer service and product innovation". So, focus in the first place on equipment operating costs and ever greater efficiency improvements with time. This commitment is also reflected in the Group internal organization, which aims to reduce all costs that do not generate real value for customers. An example of this policy is the installation of a photovoltaic system that provides total energy autonomy for the Golfetto Sangati production site in Quinto di Treviso.

With proper maintenance and constant updating, the equipment installed by the Pavan Group keeps working for decades in full efficiency. That implies the need to provide a timely and effective after sales service, in which the Group continues to invest in terms of human resources, facilities and operating methods. Third factor: product innovation. Although the food industry is often considered quite
traditionalist, product innovation has completely revolutionized the appearance and often the substance of what we find in the shops today compared with 15 years ago. And not only for the food itself, but also for the packaging technology, a company sector that in 2012 grew by over 20%.

Also the Snacks division, which caters for an industry heavily focused on experimenting and driven by demand for healthy and innovative products, registered a 20% growth in turnover. Golfetto Sangati, the latest company to enter the Pavan Group, contributes to the growth with an increase in turnover close to 20%, as a result of some major integrated mill-pasta factory plants.
“The projections show a growing trend also for the medium-term” concludes Cavagnis, “allowing us to aim with confidence and dynamism at the ambitious target of 150 million turnover, to reach in the next two years”.
Pavan Group receives PTC Award 2013

The forum, organized by PTC, a software solutions multinational company, featured numerous speakers who presented on the latest developments and various technologies by PTC. The PTC Awards for 2013 were also given.
"Pavan Group has distinguished itself for innovation and for the ability to develop and produce highly customized, made-to-order industrial equipment, with extremely fast turn-around times, able to meet the specifications and exclusive requests of the customer,” said Fabio Bisarello, who represented Pavan at the event.
"This example of Italian excellence bases its success on technology, flexibility and reliability. Thanks to PTC Creo solutions, Pavan Group has been able to simplify the planning and design of highly complex items, thus improving the quality of its products and processes."
Growth and innovation with the focus on sustainability and energy-saving.

In line with the Pavan Group's philosophy, Golfetto Sangati invests in clean energy today, confirming the attention to the balance of our planet as a necessary step to support balanced growth.

The photovoltaic system installed on the roof of the production unit in Quinto di Treviso (Italy) was recently inaugurated. With an average energy production of 926.000 kWh/year obtained by means of 3442 modules spread over an area of approximately 6,000 sqm, the investment ensures the Pavan Group plant

a significant reduction of environmental impact.

During the sunniest months production activities can be sustained entirely by solar energy, without any resorting to polluting energy sources, with the yielding part of the production to the grid. This will enable zero pollutant emissions for the production of electricity, avoiding the emission of nearly 400 tons of CO2 and 160 TOE (tons of oil equivalent) per year. The focus on environmental balance is applied to all the activities carried out by the Group’s

companies, both in the development of technology and machinery able to optimise energy resources and in the adoption of an environmentally sustainable organisational and production model.

As well as the use of clean energy sources and limiting the consumption of water and natural gas, the Group implements a complete control of the production processes in order to encourage the use of environmentally-friendly and recyclable construction and packing materials.

Growing results, technological innovation and energy efficiency displayed at Pavan’s Open Day.

On Friday December 14th, 2012 Pavan Group held an open day to present the new forming and thermal treatment lines for fresh pasta. In Galliera Veneta’s (Padua) showroom, Italian and international fresh pasta operators could see the new machineries and appreciate the innovative technological and mechanical features as well as the concrete and immediate advantages in terms of energy efficiency and simplification in the washing and sanitation procedures.

The day was opened by a conference dwelling on the main topics related to microbiology and food safety (Dott. Luciano Mondardini, R&D Manager) as well as on the innovative and distinctive features of the presented machines (Ing. Fabio Bisarello and Simone Bertocello, technical design).

Finally, the fresh pasta Sales Manager, Paolo Carossa, simulated real operating conditions thus specifying the efficiency these new lines enable to achieve. The technical director, Ing. Sandro Rasera, guided the visitors through the production departments where the presentation of two automatic double-tank kneaders with a capacity of 1,100 and 1,700 kg/h respectively, took place.

In a dedicated area the following lines were also displayed: entirely washable sheeters line for classic tortellini, filled pasta and double sheeted pasta, the SPW630 sheeter (630 mm wide and 7 mm thick sheets, 700 kg/h capacity) and the SPT540 double sheeter (producing two 540 mm wide and 7 mm thick sheets, 1,000 kg/h capacity).

With regards the forming process, the presentation focused on a series of entirely washable forming machines for cappelletti and ravioli (150 strokes/min, 650 kg/h), classic and pinched tortellini, as well as double sheets for ravioli (170 strokes/min, 850 kg/h).

The thermal treatment equipment presentation concentrated on the 7 meters long non-stop dip cooker, the cooling bath, the 14 meters long pasteuriser/cooker and the pre-dryer (6 meters, 3 tiers). The latest models of the main accessories were also displayed: the shuttle automatic mixture distribution system, the washable product conveyor belts and the lobe pump for filling dosing in forming machines.

Fresh pasta forming equipment and heat treatment: innovations and process optimisation on show at the Pavan Group’s open day

Pavan Group, will hold on Friday December 14th 2012 an open day to present the new forming and thermal treatment lines for fresh pasta.

The new machinery will be displayed in the show room in Galliera Veneta (Padua), where visitors will have the chance to appreciate its innovative technological and mechanical features leading to concrete and immediate advantages in terms of energy efficiency
as well as a simplification in the washing and sanitation procedures.
The presented equipment for thermal treatment will include a 7 m long cooker, a cooling bath, a 14 m long pasteuriser-cooker and a pre-dryer with 3 processing tiers having a length of 6 m each. With regard the forming process, a series of entirely washable filling-forming machines for classic tortellini, filled pasta and double-sheet ravioli, as well as the SPW630 kneader-sheeter (sheet width
630 mm) and the SPT540 double kneader-sheeter will be presented.
The latest models of the main accessories will also be displayed: the special calibrator for sheeted pasta, the mixture conveying shuttle to feed more forming machines, washable conveyor belts and the lobe pump.

For more information please contact:

Pavan Marketing Department
Phone: +39 049 9423351
Pavan Group: the integrated supply chain model guarantees strength and perspectives.

The Pavan Group in Galliera Veneta, Italy (manufacturer of processing equipment and packaging systems for the food industry), announced final results for 2011 with revenues growing 15% to 123 million Euros, EBITDA amounting 19 million Euros (+15%) and net income 6.5 million Euros. Pavan Group CEO Andrea Cavagnis comments the outcome: “Our 15% growth is for us a great gratification that strengthen our solidity and encourages prospects. In a rapidly growing world, our scope is to offer an active contribution to growth worldwide, by providing increasingly efficient and rational solutions in order to extend the consumption of the food products manufactured by our clients, for whom the Group aims to become a valuable technological partner.
With the complete integration of Golfetto Sangati, world leading manufacturer of milling and animal feed equipment, acquired in early 2010, Pavan obtains the first rewards of a true Group policy, by exploiting the synergic potential of covering the entire supply chain: from unloading of the grain to the packaged product ready for sale on the shelf.” Forecast for this year are highly positive, with an additional growth of 10% in volume and profitability. In Europe and North America, like in all mature markets, Pavan is pursuing a strategy aimed at enabling their customers to divbhersify the offer, in particular by promoting innovative lines for the production of snacks of new generation, fresh pasta and ready meals, with high convenience.
Africa and Latin America continue to be market areas with significant growth rates. Following the physiological trend of these areas, by proposing a technology that allows to obtain an optimized production of large quantities of finished products, led to significant installations in the area of pasta and the snack division. India and China and the entire Asian Continent are experiencing a moment of exponential growth in the food sector. The Group’s increased attention to these areas has enabled Pavan to consolidate longstanding relationships and create new business opportunities.
Food Tech Master - Fresh Pasta and Ready Meals

The FOODTECHMASTER is a series of professional training courses organized by Pavan with the aim of sharing knowledge and expertise on food production technology.
The seminars are held by Professors of the academic community and by Process Engineers of Pavan Fresh Pasta Division.
For further information and details please visit or write to
Pavan Group at IPACK IMA 2012

Trade Fair Preview

Ipack Ima 2012
Milan, February 28th - March 3rd
HALL 15 – Stand B20

Pavan Group will be welcoming visitors of the 2012 IPACK IMA in a comprehensive stand housing all major divisions: from dry Pasta, fresh pasta and snacks, to packaging equipment by Stiavelli and Dizma, from milling technology by Golfetto Sangati, to storing, mixing and handling solutions by Pizeta. An integrated approach to represent the new structure of the Pavan Group: various units of technological excellence integrate with each other to provide a complete range of equipment and solutions covering the entire supply chain. Each division will have a dedicated area within the exhibition space showing the latest evolutions of Pavan Group technology.

Technology to feed a growing world

IPACK IMA is a chance to show the brand new corporate image, summarised in a new logo.
The mission of Pavan Group is stated in the new tagline for the corporate logo: Technology to feed a growing world. Being a major player in the world food industry means taking into account all implications of this role. Pursuing a sales policy exclusively oriented to generating profit and margin in favour of the corporation and of its stakeholders is no longer possible. We feel that our role is that of becoming a technological partner at the service of our customers. All of the companies within the Pavan group pursue on a daily basis this goal, which compels us to contribute actively to the global growth by providing more and more efficient and rational solutions in order to extend the consumption of the food products manufactured by our customers. The words of Andrea Cavagnis, CEO of the Pavan Group, describe how technological value represents a cornerstone of the Group philosophy:
“Technology to feed a growing world: technology as an integration of manufacturing know-how with the expertise in evaluating the quality of the finished product. Technology as a result of the integration and co-operation of a group of companies that are now fully integrated and synergistic, covering the entire supply chain from cereals delivery to the packed product on the shelf. Technology allowing to set up in strict co-operation with our customers a manufacturing system tailored to their specific needs. Technology to feed a constantly evolving world.”

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Dry Pasta Training Course – November 2011
The next edition of the Pavan School of Food Technology will be held by the end of November 2011 with topics dedicated to dry pasta & production systems. The new edition will be integrated with practical tests in Pavan’s R&D laboratory plant.

Duration: 5 days - Date: 14-18 November 2011 - Language: English, Spanish
Topics: raw materials and pasta, fundamentals of rheology, thermodynamics,, heat treatments and drying process, production technology and processing, energy recovery and efficiency, hygiene and hygienic safety, process automation packaging.
Target Group: Plant Managers, Production Directors, R & D Managers, Quality Control Managers. Technicians
Deadline for registration: 30 September 2011
For further information and details please write to



The Pavan Group announced final results for 2010 with revenues growing 30% to 107 million Euros. Also profitability has increased significantly: EBITDA amounts 17 million Euros (+ 45%) and net income 4.8 million Euros, more than double as compared with 2009. The reasons for this extraordinarily positive performance are to be found in the strong capabilities of product innovation, in the global sales network around the world, in the strong demand for innovative and reliable food manufacturing technologies from developing and emerging Countries, and in the incipient economic recovery of key markets such as North America. The take over of Golfetto-Sangati is now bringing the results we expected. In 2010, the year of the restart of the business and of the transfer of the headquarters from Padua to the broadly restored facilities in Quinto di Treviso, Golfetto-Sangati reached a turnover of around 11 million Euros; the expectation is to reach 25 million Euros in 2011 and 35 million in 2012. The outlook for this year is strongly positive. The global demand for staple food products is growing continuously, pushing up the demand for food processing and packaging equipment, and Pavan is on this market with high-end products guaranteeing the best value for money. Forecasts for 2011: +16%, bringing the turnover to 125 million Euros, with a corresponding leap in profitability.



  • Pavan Group expands its activities and becomes the main company of the sector able to provide the broader range of technology and equipment, from the flour milling right up to product packaging.

The Pavan Group, leading manufacturer of plants and systems serving the Food Processing Industry, has successfully closed the acquisition negotiations and is now owner of the GBS Group. This group of companies was founded by the merger, back in 2000, of three important names (Golfetto, Sangati and Berga), specialists in the flour milling market and in grain storage and handling terminals.
 This new Pavan business venture, registered under the name Golfetto Sangati Spa, will offer equipment and systems for flour milling and animal feed industries as well as extending its business across a number of applications for grain storage and handling terminals satisfying requirements relating to in-loading and out-loading of bulk products by ship. Another important new business branch will be plants and systems for producing biofuels.  The product lines will be marketed under the three original names serving world industries Quality Italian Engineering in the cereal milling market and the headquartes will move to Quinto di Treviso. An investment plan will be implemented to expand the existing production sites in Manfredonia, Italy and in Beijing, P.R.C .

The Pavan takeover means the GBS Group is no longer in administrative receivership, a satisfying result for everyone – Pavan, Trade Unions and the Ministry for Economical and Industrial Development – all confident that this move will allow Golfetto Sangati to continue production and supply the current work orders being processed and in the short term to overcome the current financial setbacks.

Andrea Cavagnis, CEO of Pavan, comments, “Over the last few years we have been implementing a business consolidation and expansion plan and Pavan, with this move, will now be in the position to offer and provide our customers with a broader range of solutions and services, equipment and systems to complete and integrate food processing lines with cereal and flour milling systems.”
The Pavan Group located in Galliera Veneta, Italy serves the food processing industry with technologically advanced automatic plants and systems for processing, dry and fresh pasta, snacks, breakfast cereals, readymade meals and frozen food products. Annual sales revenues amount to 90M Euros and exports (120 countries worldwide) account for 95% of total sales. Pavan has a 35% market share in the pasta processing machinery market and serves the biggest names in the food processing industry.
Company strategy focuses on launching Golfetto Sangati worldwide through the Pavan sales network, the brand image and investments.

Mr Cavagnis goes on to say, “With Golfetto Sangati in our group, we’ll be in the position to consolidate our leadership in Italy and abroad and, unlike the competition, we will be presenting the market with complete production lines spanning from flour milling right up to product packaging all through just one supplier, Pavan. By combining the expert and specialist know-how of both groups we will be offering our customers and markets innovative applications in the milling and food processing industries.”
Pavan Group untouched by the global economic crisis


  • The turnover rose to EUR 90 million  with 465 employees and exports representing 95% of the sales.
  • Profits amount to EUR  6,7 million.

The turnover for Pavan – a leading manufacturer of machinery and plants for the food industry - has grown by 66% in the past five years and reached EUR 90 million in 2008 with exports to 120 countries representing 95% of total sales. Consolidated profits amounted to EUR 6,7 million (a 46% increase).
CEO Andrea Cavagnis commented: “The results achieved in 2008, in a complicated world scenario characterised by strong fluctuations  in the prices of commodities and of raw materials such as wheat, confirm once again the strength  and competitiveness of our Group. We have increased our workforce, our production volumes, and the number of installed plants with a significant growth of our market shares in the American and African continents.
The company is positioned in the middle to high end market thanks to the high degree of customisation of its production plants and processes. Among Pavan customers are multinationals and other leading food manufacturers.
“2009 is going to be again a positive year for us but without the growth we have experienced in the past. The crisis in the food industry is less intense than in other sectors. We have good business chances, considering that there are few competitors at our level and that there are interesting markets we can address. In spite of the economic and financial crisis, every year we invest 5% of our turnover in the research and development of products and technologies capable of satisfying the new requirements set by our customers. This endeavour for continuous improvement makes us confident enough to face the new competitive challenges which await us in the years to come.”
On occasion of the presentation of the Balance Sheet, the company also presented the Social and Environmental Report for 2008.
“This is a clear token of our commitment in pursuing a way of doing business which fully respects  the environment, utilizing to the highest extent our personnel and their skills, while working side by side with world scientists in order to develop clean and sustainable technologies. In 2008 Pavan has generated EUR 29 million of added value and this wealth has been distributed between the subjects who have actively contributed to generate it."

Read more about the Social and Environmental Report here

Barilla Mexico.

Barilla Mexico opened the doors of its new modern pasta factory for 70.000 tons per year production to the selected guests arrived in Mexico for the important event. A plant engineered and built in record time: in eleven months a factory of about 12.000 square metres was built and all the lines for production and packaging of pasta (both short-cut and long-cut) were manufactured, installed and started up at full capacity. Pasta is traded under the local brands Yemina and Vesta and also under Barilla brand, which is well known and distributed all over the world.
“At a distance of months from the beginning of project development” said Mr. Gianluca Bolla, CEO of Barilla Alimentare “we can confirm the effectiveness of our choices as regards both the performance and the productivity of the installed lines and the quality of the final product”.
Pavan Group (Galliera Veneta, Italy) supplied on turn-key basis the production and packaging lines.
“The full accomplishment of the required time and specifications to customize the plant is for us a reason for great satisfaction, confirmed by the confidence granted by of the worldwide leader in pasta production, well-known for the attention paid to the quality of the final product and to the equipment productivity” said Mr. Andrea Cavagnis, CEO of Pavan Group.
In the same perspective comes the established T.A.S drying technology - result of tests and experiences made at the Pavan Research Centre - which is constantly devoted to the development of up-to-date technical and technological solutions to anticipate and satisfy the market needs.

Thanks to the new series of dryers for short cut pasta lines the product passes through alternate stages of active drying and stabilizing. The thermo-hygronometric conditions are strictly and constantly controlled. The duration of every single phase can be set according to the chosen drying diagram. Temperatures and humidity can be alternatively increased or decreased according to step diagrams. Hence a better colour and cooking performance, wider range of product shapes, shorter processing times and consequently reduced space requirements and reduced energy consumption. The dried product is absolutely stable and has got no remaining internal tensions; it’s therefore ready to be packed and to a long conservation.
The TAS – HP dryer is divided into 4 environmental zones: two for the rapid drying and two for active stabilization. The product passes many times from one zone to the other. Hence a more steady product, a definite improvement in the cooking performance and a better colour of the product.
Excess humidity can be transferred from a zone to another thanks to an integrated software. In this way the thermohygronometric conditions are constant without resorting to expensive external humidification plants.
The shape and the arrangement of the ventilation stations and the high number of times the product gets remixed all guarantee product treatment uniformity. Thanks to these characteristics, the dryer is an advantageous replacement for all machines for short cut pasta production.
In consideration of the H.A.C.C.P. (Hazard Analisys Critical Control Point) regulations the machine is almost totally made of stainless steel (corrosionproof) and the pasta conveyor belts are in high performance thermoresistant material used in aerospace and medical-surgical sectors.
The pasta line is computerized and managed by PLC and a supervision system

Some characteristics of TAS technology applied to Pavan long cut pasta line are a unique feature in the market and they are: the concept of a single motor, the mechanical synchronization, the smooth product advancing with gentle motions in each product passage, without any hang ups even with the highest speed.

The technological flexibility is now further enhanced by being able to achieve the technological drying cycle that can be preset at user’s discretion: the process cycle can be short or prolonged, using high or very high temperature, being adapted in this way to the specific requirements of the producer, increasing the possibility to customize the products.
The increase in product density in the dryer allows a remarkable increase in the yield per square meter of utilized surface in the production area. The TAS – HP solution can replace existing lines with a lower production capacity, while staying in the same space.
The assembly timing are the minimum ones: modularity and the use of preassembled blocks already fitted with service plants, make the installation of the dryer very quick and easy, ensuring at the same time high degree of reliability.
The maintenance procedures are simplified and reduced to the minimum thanks to the mechanisms located in internal areas with respect to the process area. The large flat internal and external surfaces and the exclusive use of stainless steel enable washing and cleaning procedures. The contamination hazard of the product is in fact reduced to zero.

By planning and producing integrated plant for producers worldwide, Pavan acquired a wide experience based on the deep knowledge of the problems of the pasta industry all over the world and on the developped solutions. The development of the valuable know-how is also based on the activities of the internal R&D Centre and on scientific research projects at international level. At Pavan Headquarters there’s also a laboratory registered in the Accredited Laboratories list of M.I.U.R. (Ministry of Universities for R&D); four industrial processing lines and four pilot plant lines are used for testing.
The Pavan School of Food Technologies uses these facilities also for the top level training courses and to develop projects in cooperation with many Universities in Italy and abroad and with public institutions such as Italian Institute of Nutrition, Ministry of University and Scientific Research; FAO, UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization).

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