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Pavan pasteurizers are used for the reduction or elimination of the microbial levels in the fresh pasta production process.
The pasteurizing process further improves product colour, and increases the sheet consistency.
The overall machine dimensions and production capacity are related to the hourly production rate, product type, and desired degree of pastuerization.
Because of numerous product tests conducted at the Pavan Research Center on a wide variety of pasta items, Pavan has been able to optimize the equipment and pasteurization requirements based on the many various fresh pasta shapes.


Technical Characteristics

  • Stainless steel construction throughout.
  • Insulated hood with motorized lifting capability.
  • The overall design provides access to all parts of the equipment for easy cleaning and sanitation.
  • Operational flexibility thanks to the possibility of continuously modifying the treatment parameters.
  • Stable and excellent process control of all the pasteurization parameters.
  • Possibility of digitally recording the treatment parameters in continuous mode, in compliance with ISO 9001 specifications.

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